Lysis Financial is a boutique City-of-London-based consulting firm providing strategy and execution services to the global financial services market across the disciplines of Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Governance Risk and Compliance advisory

We can:

  • review a firm’s governance risk and compliance provisions,
  • enhance frameworks and policies,
  • design process improvements
  • structure and run a change programme to effectively embed those improvements.

A lot of this work is driven by visits from the FCA and other regulators or by firms seeking new regulatory provisions. Typical projects include:

  • regulatory permissions applications,
  • regulatory rules mapping,
  • Governance Policy and Delegation frameworks,
  • Senior Mangers Regime,
  • risk and compliance framework implementation,
  • Section 166 remediation,
  • ICAAP,
  • Policy & Procedure writing
  • the change programmes required to embed these changes.

Senior Managers' & Certification Regime

In order to enable Senior Managers to attest that their areas of responsibility are being conducted properly and are compliant with all necessary laws the firm will need to invest time in making sure that processes are properly mapped and understood and that controls are effective.  This will be a particular challenge where parts of a process are outsourced or executed by another group entity.

Banks should focus on improving the clarity, process and documentation of their existing governance framework rather than building a parallel framework just to comply with the new regime.

Lysis can assist with:

  • Mapping processes and controls across business units, between business units and with internal or external third parties.
  • Enhancing processes and controls to improve the efficiency and compliance of functions.

So your firm has got over the initial hurdle of SMCR implementation on 7 March 2016.  What next?

What systems support do I need?

A closer look at the Conduct Rules

AML/KYC/COB operational strategy and framework

Across the Lysis team we have in excess of two hundred man-years experience of shaping, designing and implementing Client On-Boarding (COB), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Transaction Monitoring frameworks and target operating models for global financial institutions.

Our experience includes:


Lysis Operations delivers high-quality and cost-effective KYC, AML and Client On-Boarding processing and remediation services to major investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds.

Our training arm, Lysis Academy, provides robust training in KYC and AML processing and remediation for our own staff and our clients’ in-house KYC and Client On-Boarding teams.

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We have also worked recently with UK, European and Middle Eastern regulators on the risk-assessment methodologies they use when reviewing the firms they regulate.