Lysis is proud to announce The Damilola Taylor Trust as our Official Christmas 2018 Charity

The Office for National Statistics recently noted that the police recorded 39,332 knife offences in the year to June 2018. So far this year in London, the number of homicides caused by knife crime has now passed 120. Such alarming statistics emphasizes the importance of tackling Knife Crime in the Capital and in the country as a whole. Offering young people real and tangible opportunities is a real way of reducing knife crime.

The horrific murder of Damilola Taylor in 2001 led to the establishment of the Damilola Taylor Trust. The aim of the trust is to restore the hope, optimism and self-esteem of youths in London. In addition to encouraging young people in disadvantaged areas of London to join projects that motivate and foster growth and personal development.

Lysis has been working with the Damilola Taylor Trust in delivering their City Careers Pathway Programme since 2016. We aim to give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity of working in the City, to gain insight into what it is really like to work in the financial services. We have seen young people engage with the initiative and attend workshops organised to teach employable skills. We have also provided training scholarships, as well as internships and permanent employment to participants of the programme. 

The Damilola Taylor Trust is committed to providing inner-city youths with opportunities to play, learn and live their lives free of fear and violence, and with optimism for a future where opportunities flourish. 

We positively encourage other firms to get involved with the work we and the Damilola Taylor Trust are doing. By increasing the scale of the Damilola Taylor Trust City Career Pathway Programme, Lysis will give more young people brighter futures and in return help to reduce knife crime. Please contact for more information.

Watch the video below to find out more about the work we are doing with the Damilola Taylor Trust.

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