Change Management

Lysis has run a number of major global change programmes including:

We shape and design change programmes via a series of workshops with stakeholders and then deploy effective programme planning and management techniques to structure and run the resulting activities.

Target Operating Model

Lysis can assist firms to design target operating models that deliver cost-effective operations aligned to business strategy and needs.

Our methodology considers issues such as:

  • Critical business functions, their priorities and needs and any Service Level Agreements (or other time-based criteria) that should be met.
  • End-to-end functional design.
  • Outsourcing model covering what should be out-sourced to industry utilities, data providers, etc and what functions will be retained in-house.
  • Geo-location model including effective use of low-cost centres where viable.
  • Organisational model including identification of roles and responsibilities and the relevant Senior and Certified Manager roles under the SMCR.
  • End-to-end process mapping across internal and 3rd-party entities.
  • Risk management and controls mapping covering preventive and detective controls.
  • Information model including use of industry-wide identifiers.
  • Technology services and architecture.