Case Study: Global Client On-Boarding - Integration and Redesign in a Major Bank Merger

Two major European investment banks 

The Client

Merger of the two major European Investment Banks.

The Challenge

    • The two major European investment banks had their own set of systems, procedures and clients that needed integrating into the single bank whilst continuing to on-board their new clients.
    • Implementation of a single Client On-boarding organisational structure and system and alignment of systems & procedures to a single global policy.

The Solution

    • Lysis provided experienced consultants with relevant expertise who used their skills in regulatory compliance and operational change to devise a suitable single solution to meet business needs of the merged bank.
    • A Target Operating Model incorporating a strategic systems architecture was developed.
    • A System Integration Plan leveraging the best of the breed technology and working practices was produced.

The Outcome

  • The Target Operating Model was implemented globally.
  • Synergies including staffing and applications support were delivered.
  • Operational effectiveness through global enablement of efficient workflow solution was in place.
  • Reduced administrative burden on Front-Office sales-focussed staff.