Lysis can deploy its proven 10-point systems selection methodology to assist our customers to select the most appropriate off-the-shelf AML system for their needs. Our methodology includes:

  1. Policy and procedure review to establish a base-level of requirements.
  2. Workshops with stakeholders to fully articulate requirements and resolve any ambiguities.
  3. Production of a long-list of systems vendors.
  4. Half-day systems demonstrations to reduce the long-list to a short-list.
  5. Issue of a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) document asking short-listed vendors to provide written answers to questions about the functional and technical aspects of their system.
  6. Agreement of the scoring and weighting methodology to be used for each answer in the RFP responses.
  7. Formal weighted scoring of RFP answers to reduce the short-list to (typically) two systems.
  8. Full-day workshops with test/pilot cases to demonstrate how the systems meet the firm’s requirements.
  9. Proof-of-concept/pilot with the chosen vendor.
  10. Contracts and commercials